About Us

Namaste, the word, the action, the meaning has been around for millennia in the Hindu culture. The two hands, the palms pressed flat together, fingers pointing upward at the chest-heart level then slightly bowing one’s head to the other individual as we genuinely say (or silently mean) namaste. It is a respectful greeting for both hello and goodbye. A reverential salutation.

Namaste also represents the gesture for thank you, for acknowledgment, for gratefulness, for adoration.

Namaste in this contemporary Wikipedia era is- namah means ‘bow’, and te means ‘to you’. So literally namaste means “bowing to you”. In Hinduism, it also has a spiritual significance in the belief that “the divine and self is the same in you and me” or “the sacred in me recognizes the sacred in you.”

I love how the simplicity of the namaste greeting uplifts and empowers both the receiver and the giver. To me the namaste greeting represents a symbolic boost-up, for we all can appreciate being respected regardless of who we are.

As many of us strive or struggle to be our better selves, patience and not giving in or up is a must, and “to keep on keeping on” will in due course transform into Victory.

 My intent is for the Let us Namaste – Designs heart’s hands imagery to be representative of that namaste ideal of honoring and respecting others and also ourselves in that reverence and acknowledgement to the Love, Light, and Life that we ensoul.

Remember that if by chance you are wearing (or ?) a namaste heart’s hands design when a challenging something or other arises, know to arc your consciousness with Victory’s for that upsurge of support to be victorious right then or soon thereafter.

 Because when I/we/us honor and respect the light in you/me/us that is the same light in me/us/you, help, guidance, and support from on high is on.

 Let us Namaste for a better tomorrow, today